Sl.No Faculty Title CoAuthor Publisher Year Pages ISBN
1 Dr. Kumar S N Getting Research Grants - A Practical Guide S. Suresh, and Sherin Zafar Ane Books Pvt. Ltd. 2022 9789390658626
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3 Dr. P C Thomas Emerging trends in Sustainability Vishal John Mathai, Geevarghese Titus Taylor and Francis 2020 9780429353628 (ebk)
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5 Dr. Kumar S N Fuzzy-Crow Search Optimization for Medical Image Segmentation Fred AL,, Padmanabhan P, Gulyas B, Kumar HA Applications of Hybrid Metaheuristic Algorithms for Image Processing, Springer 2020 413-439 978-3-030-40977-7
6 Reshmi V Digital Energy Meter with DSM Capabilities Sachu Philip, Ebin Mathews, Abin Dani, Reshmi V. and Renoy Xavier Taylor and Francis 2020 329-336 9780429353628 (ebk)
7 Dr. Kumar S N Role of Digital Twin Technology in Medical Sector—Toward Ensuring Safe Healthcare A. Lenin Fred,L.R. Jonisha Miriam,Jane I. Christina,H. Ajay Kumar,Parasuraman Padmanabhan,Balazs Gulyas Wiely Online Digital Library 2022 --- 9781119842200
8 Dr. Kumar S N Non-Invasive Method of Heart Rate Detection using Smart Phone by Palm Video Imaging A. Lenin Fred, L.R Jonisha Miriam, S.R. Santhiya, H. Ajay Kumar and Christina Jane I Central West Publishers, Australia 2022 101-118 978-1-922617-30-9
9 Dr. Kumar S N Multiclass SVM coupled with optimization techniques for segmentation and classification of medical images A. Lenin Fred, Parasuraman Padmanabhan, Balazs Gulyas, Ajay Kumar Haridhas, and Nisha Dayana HANDBOOK OF DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS- ELSEIVER 2021 143-164 978-0-12-822271-3
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11 Dr. Kumar S N Deep Learning Algorithms in Medical Image Processing for Cancer Diagnosis: Overview, Challenges and Future A. Lenin Fred, Parasuraman Padmanabhan, Balazs Gulyas, H. Ajay Kumar, and L. R. Jonisha Miriam Deep Learning for Cancer Diagnosis, Studies in Computational Intelligence -Springer 2020 37-66 978-981-15-6321-8
12 Dr. Kumar S N Region of Interest Detection in COVID-19 CT Images Using Neutrosophic Logic A. Lenin Fred, L. R. Jonisha Miriam, Ajay Kumar H., Parasuraman Padmanabhan, and Balazs Gulyas Health Informatics and Technological Solutions for Coronavirus (COVID-19), CRC Press 2021 267-282 9781003161066
13 Dr. Kumar S N Non Linear Tensor Diffusion Based Unsharp Masking for Filtering of COVID-19 CT Images A. Lenin FredL. R. Jonisha MiriamParasuraman PadmanabhanBalazs GulyasH. Ajay Kumar Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol 923. Springer, Singapore 2020 415-436 978-981-15-8534-0
14 Dr. Kumar S N ROI extraction in CT lung images of COVID-19 using Fast Fuzzy C means clustering A.Ahilan, A. LeninFred, H. AjayKumar Biomedical Engineering Tools for Management for Patients with COVID-19- Elsevier 2021 103-119
15 Dr. P C Thomas Application of QFD for Disposal of WEEE CRC Press 2020 183-188 1000258882
16 Dr. P C Thomas The Energy audit to marshal energy resources Institution of Engineers 1996 515-521 NIL
17 Dennis Thomas Laser-Based Dynamic Optical Vortex Analysis for Remote Patient Health Diagnosis Anish Benny, S.N. Kumar, P.C. Thomas IGI Global 2022 198-220 9781668452318 (10.4018/978-1-6684-5231-8.ch011)
18 Rani Chacko Chapter 7: Abstract : DC Nanogrid for Buildings: Study Based on Experimental Investigation of Load Performance and Annual Energy Consumption Adarsh Thevarkunnel, Z V Lakaparampil, Jaimol Thomas Bonfring 2022 7-7 ISBN 978-93-92537-13-4
19 Rani Chacko Chapter 23 : Abstract : Economic Feasibility Investigation of Integrated Nano-Grid with Solar PV for Community Deployment based on Load Pattern Survey Meenakshi K, Aswathy Elsa Wilson, Anjaly Abraham, Jaimol Thomas Bonfring 2022 23-23 ISBN 978-93-92537-13-4
20 Rani Chacko Chapter 41 Advanced SOC Estimation of Lead-Acid Battery for HEM Application Saira Philip, Liss Abraham Maret, Heinz Varghese Maymana, Herma Mariam Jacob, Shameer Asharaf Taylor and Francis CRC Press 2020 319-328 ISBN: 9780429353628 (ebk)
21 Rani Chacko Chapter 8: Efficiency Improvement of Canal Top Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant With Reflectors A. Sajimon Springer, Singapore 2020 97-114 Print ISBN: 978-981-15-1062-5 Electronic ISBN: 978-981-15-1063-2
22 Dr. Kumar S N Firefly Optimization Based Improved Fuzzy Clustering for CT/MR Image Segmentation A. Lenin FredH. Ajay KumarP. Sebastin Varghese Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques -Intelligent Systems Reference Library -Springer 2018 1-28 978-3-319-96002-9
23 Dr. Kumar S N Bat Optimization Based Vector Quantization Algorithm for Medical Image Compression A. Lenin Fred, H. Ajay Kumar, W. Abisha Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques for Image Processing Applications - Intelligent Systems Reference Library-Springer 2018 29-54 978-3-319-96002-9
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27 Dr. Kumar S N Nonlinear Tensor Diffusion Filter Based Marker-Controlled Watershed Segmentation for CT/MR Images A.Lenin Fred, H. Ajay KumarP. Sebastian Varghese Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Data Engineering, Springer 2017 317-331 978-981-10-6319-0
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30 Dr. Kumar S N Utilization of Agro Waste for the Fabrication of Bio Composites and Bio plastics—Towards a Sustainable Green Circular Economy Roopal JainK., Anand, Ajay Kumar Haridhas Sustainability for 3D Printing -Springer 2021 131-147 978-3-030-75235-4
31 Dr. Kumar S N Role of medical image encryption algorithms in cloud platform for teleradiology applications Siju John CRC Press 2022 115-127 9781003269144
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36 Dr. P C Thomas A voyage on medical image compression algorithms based on mathematical transforms for telemedicine applications S.N.Kumar, Rahul Robin Baby, T.M.Appumon, Sebin Varghese and Steve Mathew Central West Publishing 2022 119-138 978-1-922617-30-9
37 Dr. P C Thomas Laser Based Dynamic Optical Vortex Analysis For Remote Patient Health Diagnosis Dennis Thomas, Anish Benny, S. N. Kumar IGI Global Publishers 2021 198-220 10:1668452316
38 Dr. Kumar S N Analysis of Lossy and Lossless Compression Algorithms for Computed Tomography Medical Images Based on Bat and Simulated Annealing Optimization Techniques- Springer Ajay Kumar HaridhasA. Lenin Fred P. Sebastin Varghese Computational Intelligence Methods for Super-Resolution in Image Processing Applications 2021 99-133 978-3-030-67921-7
39 Dr. Kumar S N Discrimination of Hemorrhage in Fundus Images Using Shape and Texture-based Descriptors Jeba darwin, Tamil Selvi, Priestly shan , Jeba Singh, S.N Kumar Advances in Systems, Control and Automations Select Proceedings of ETAEERE 2020, Springer 2021 651-659 978-981-15-8685-9
40 Dr. Kumar S N Improved FCM Based on Gaussian Kernel and Crow Search Optimization for ROI Extraction on Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) CT Images A. Lenin Fred, L. R. Jonisha Miriam, H. Ajay Kumar, Parasuraman Padmanabhan, Balázs Gulyás Translational Bioinformatics Applications in Healthcare, CRC Press 2021 173-193 9781003146988
41 Joffie Jacob Energy Audit and Management of a College Libina Rose Sebastian, Athul Thomas, Ajay Sasi, Fenny Varghese Taylor and Francisgroup 2020 337-346 9780429353628
42 Dr. Kumar S N A novel neutrosophic approach-based filtering and Gaussian mixture modeling clustering for CT/MR images A. Lenin Fred, Parasuraman Padmanabhan, Balazs Gulyas, H. Ajay Kumar Artificial Intelligence for Data-Driven Medical Diagnosis, De Gruyter 2021 143-167 978-3-11-066781-3
43 Dr. Kumar S N Multilevel thresholding using crow search optimization for medical images Computational Intelligence-De Gruyter 2020 231-258 9783110671353
44 Dennis Thomas High Efficiency High Gain Sepic-Buck Boost Converter Based Bldc Motor Drive for Solar PV Array Fed Water Pumping Ashitha K M Apple Academic Press; 2022 214-232 9781003277071
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