Sl.No Faculty Title Role Fund Duration Amount
1 Sreekala P Smart Shelf Advisor I2U 2011-03-08-2011-04-14
2 Rani Chacko Efficiency improvement of Canal Top Solar PV system with reflectors, EMC/ET&R/17/SPS/01 PI Energy Management Centre 2016-11-01-2017-05-01 0.15
3 Rani Chacko Advanced DSM System For DC Residential Home, KTU/RESEARCH2/3895/2018 PI APJAKTU-CERD 2018-11-01-2019-04-30 0.35
4 Rani Chacko A Novel Low Cost Solar Based Energy Efficient Smart Electrification System For Conventional Home PI Innovation Ideas Unleashed Contest (I2U) 2018 AJCE 2018-11-01-2019-04-30 0.13
5 Rani Chacko IOT for energy optimization and automation of green building PI Innovation Ideas Unleashed Contest (I2U) 2019 AJCE 2019-12-01-2020-03-25 .15
6 Joffie Jacob Solar PV power forcasting using ANN Advisor AJCE I2U 2019-11-01-2020-03-31 0.12
7 Rani Chacko AI-Based Performance Evaluation and Fault Detection for PV Systems ANERT-TECH/82/2019-S(NEP) dt. 05/12/2019, SRI 12 2018/19 Co-PI ANERT 2019-03-01-2020-12-31 3.46
8 Rani Chacko IoT Based Energy Conscious LVDC Building Other Energy Management Centre 2020-11-03-2021-01-09 .53
9 Rani Chacko Vagitus PI 1. Innovation Ideas Unleashed Contest (I2U) 2020-21 2021-10-01-2022-04-30 0.13
10 Dr. Kumar S N Portable Embedded System for Stress measurement- An aid for Human Health Care PI CERD- APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2022-04-27-2023-04-27 0.1
11 Sreeja C IoT based Portable Bandsaw Mill- Ensuring Occupational Safety in Wood Industry PI KSCSTE 2022-02-01-2022-07-11 0.01
12 Litty Joseph IoT Based Portable Bandsaw Mill – Ensuring Occupational Safety in Wood Industry Co-PI KERALA STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2021-02-02-2021-08-20 0.1
13 Victor Jose AI based performance evaluation and fault detection of PV systems PI ANERT 2019-10-19-2020-11-30 3.46
14 Arun S Non Isolated Three Port Converter with Single Stage Conversion for Standalone PV Applications PI (Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology)ANERT 2019-11-01-2020-11-30 0.637
15 Sreeja C Hysteresis Compensation for the motion tracking of piezoclectric actuator in Nano- Positioning PI KTU 2022-06-01-2023-06-30 34500
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