Sl.No Faculty Name Organization Role Duration
1 Dr. J R Anoop Raj Board of Studies (BoS), KTU KTU BoS Member 2019-05-07-2021-01-15
2 Dr. J R Anoop Raj KTU-Comprehensive Viva Examination for S6 students Dep of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology, Trivandrum External Examiner 2021-07-16-2021-07-19
3 Dr. J R Anoop Raj KTU Pass Board Committee Member in Food Technology Stream APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Kerala Pass Board Committee Member 2021-06-26-2021-10-27
4 Dr. Sunnichan V George IIC's Innovation Ambassador of AJCE Ministry of Education Innovation Ambassador 2021-07-01-2023-08-01
5 Dr. Sunnichan V George Member, Board of Studies St. Berchman's College (Autonomous), Changanacherry Member 2019-12-10-1970-01-01
6 Dr. Sunnichan V George Subject Expert, "Smart India Hackathon, 2022 Ministry of Education, Govt of India, IIC, AICTE Expert in the judging committee of 'Kashaya Making Machine" 2022-08-25-2022-08-29
7 Dr. Sunnichan V George Innovation ambassador of AJCE Ministry of Education, GOI Innovation Ambassador, Advanced level 2022-07-01-2022-07-31
8 Dr. Sunnichan V George Member, Board of Studies, Chemical Engineering APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Member, BoS 2022-09-22-2025-01-12
9 Dr. Sunnichan V George Organizing Committee of "Open House 2022, Festival & Technical Event of AJCE Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Member, Organizing Committee 2022-11-25-2022-11-26
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