Sl.No Faculty Title Role Fund Duration Amount
1 Dr. Shiju George Assistive Bot for Children with Autism Advisor Kerala Startup Mission 2018-02-05-2019-03-30 1.75
2 Thomas Varghese WildWatch Advisor Wildlife Trust of India 2017-01-01-2017-11-24 1.5
3 Dr. Shiju George Android based fully automated water conservation and management system PI KSCSTE 2021-12-10-2022-06-10 0.1
4 Dr. Asha Joseph Home automation project for ARBA dev PI ARBA Development Studio 2020-03-02-2020-05-30 0.35
5 Dr. Asha Joseph HerdAI Co-PI AJCE-I2U 2022-04-01-2022-06-30 0.15
6 Dr. Asha Joseph Rhythmic- Music Recognition App Advisor AJCE-I2U 2023-05-01-2023-12-31 0.08
7 Dr. Asha Joseph AI based screening of images for beauty contest based on golden ratio Advisor AJCE-I2U 2023-05-01-2023-12-31 0.05
8 Dr. Asha Joseph E-Waste Management system Advisor AJCE-I2U 2023-05-01-2024-03-31 0.02
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