Sl.No Faculty Title Organization Venue Duration
1 Dr. Shiju George Best Practices in Software Project Management & Current Developing Methodologies AICTE Sponsored Short Term Training Programme , Dept. of Information technology,AJCE AJCE 2009-05-11-2009-05-20
2 Dr. Shiju George Young Entrepreneurs, EAC Sponsored by NIMAT, DST, Govt. of India, through EDII, Ahmadabad Programme AJCE 2012-06-01-2013-07-31
3 Dr. Shiju George Internet of Things (Medical Image and Signal Analysis AICTE Training and Learning Academy (ATAL) by the Department of ECE, AJCE Amal Jyothi College of Engineering 2021-01-11-2021-01-15
4 Dr. Shiju George 5 Days FDP on "New Age Technologies" SCOPE-VIT, Andra Pradesh Online 2023-03-28-2023-04-01
5 Dr. Shiju George Webinar on Quantum Computing Professional Activity Club (PAC), BIT, Durg, Online 2023-04-15-2023-04-15
6 Sandhya Ramakrishnan Inauguration of Computer Association of MES College MES College Erumely 2009-08-22-2009-08-22
7 Sandhya Ramakrishnan Career Fest ?08 Yavadeepthi Kattapana 2008-04-14-2008-04-14
8 Joms Antony Recent Interfacing Techniques of Sensors with Arduino IDE Entrepreneurship Development Club, Reg. No. EDC/KTM/17/15- AJCE and ATAL Tinker Lab, LFHS. Little Flower High School, Chemmalamattom 2020-01-11-2020-01-11
9 Joms Antony Java Programming Workshop AJCE and ICFOSS Lab4, IT Dept 2018-07-10-2018-07-12
10 Haris Xavier science excursions program for school students AJCE IT LAB1 - PC Hardware Lab 2016-08-17-2016-08-17
11 Dr. Asha Joseph Workshop on Digital Security - Invited Speaker and Resource Person HKBKCE Bangalore 2019-05-11-2019-05-11
12 Dr. Asha Joseph Counselling the counsellors BTI Counselling Cell Bangalore 2019-03-15-2019-03-15
13 Dr. Asha Joseph Counselling the counsellors As the Head of Dept, BTI Counselling Cell Bangalore 2013-06-03-2020-09-12
14 Dr. Asha Joseph Usage of Digital Language Laboratory As the Head of CSE dept, BTI Bangalore 2012-02-25-2012-02-25
15 Dr. Asha Joseph A talk on Gender Sensitization n Women's day 2021 Womens' cell and Amal Jyothi College of engineering Amal Jyothi College of engineering 2021-03-08-2021-03-08
16 Dr. Asha Joseph Induction Program 2nd phase for the affiliated colleges of VTU- Talk given on Career Guidance, Creative Practices and Innovation, Bangalore Technological Institute, , from 2021-05-12 to 2021-05-14 BTI BTI - online mode 2021-05-12-2021-05-14
17 Dr. Asha Joseph SMYM program on the topic Revolution of IT industry SMYM ONLINE 2021-06-11-2021-06-11
18 Dr. Asha Joseph AICTE Universal Human Values AICTE ONLINE 2022-02-21-2022-03-25
19 Dr. Asha Joseph Universal Human Values - Student Induction Program(SIP) AJCE AJCE 2022-10-28-2022-10-28
20 Dr. Asha Joseph Women's Empowerment week - Know your worth and Embrace the Change IQAC/WDC-AJCE Alphonsa Hall, AJCE 2022-12-01-2022-12-01
21 Dr. Asha Joseph "Leadership skills for Teachers" - 7 days National level FDP on Teaching & Learning Process in HEIs IOT Academy Online 2023-02-09-2023-02-09
22 Dr. Asha Joseph "Leadership skills for Teachers" - 7 days National level FDP on Innovative Teaching & Learning Process IOT Academy Online 2023-03-17-2023-03-17
23 Dr. Asha Joseph Talk on "Impact of ChatGPT and Future of QAI" National FDP on New Age Technologies VIT University, AP Online 2023-03-28-2023-04-01
24 Dr. Asha Joseph Talk on "Stress and Time Management for Teachers in HEIs" - 7 days National level FDP on Quality Teaching in HEIs IOT Academy Online 2023-04-24-2023-04-24
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