Sl.No Faculty Title Publisher Role Duration
1 Dr. Juby Mathew Indian Journal of Science and Technology Indian Society of Education and Environment Reviewer 2016-06-01-2018-05-22
2 Neenu R BYTES- CSE department Newsletter Department of CSE , AJCE Editorial board Member 2015-01-01-2019-06-30
3 Manoj T Joy Kerala Technological Congress Man Tech Publications Reviewer 2016-08-01-2016-09-01
4 Manoj T Joy International Journal on Emerging Research Areas(IJERA)-ISSN No 2230-9993 (2011) Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Editor 2011-01-01-2022-05-01
5 Manoj T Joy Nextguard Journals on Cyber Crimes(Malayalam) Nextguard Editor 2018-07-01-2022-05-01
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