Sl.No Faculty Title CoAuthor Publisher Year Pages ISBN
1 Abubeker K M Embedded System Lab Manual Dr. K P Sridhar (Author), Dr. S Baskar (Author), Abubeker K M (Author), C Prajitha (Author) lap lambert academic publishing, Maude Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA. 2022 978-620-5-49669-5
2 Abubeker K M VLSI Design Programming For Beginners Dr. K P Sridhar (Author), Dr. S Baskar (Author), Abubeker K M (Author), C Prajitha (Author) Notion Press Singapore 2022 979-8887496979
3 Abubeker K M Scientific Computing with Python-A Hands-on- Approach Shafeena karim A Notion Publications Singapore 2022 979-8888331538
4 Abubeker K M Hands-On Programming with MASM Assembler: For Intel 8086 Microprocessor Rekha Mole G, UCE, Kerala University Notion Pres Publications, Singapore and India 2021 978-1684875030
5 Abubeker K M A Hand Book of Object Oriented Programming With C++ and Java Dr. S. Baskar (Author), Abubeker K M (Author), Dr. K. P. Sridhar (Author), C. Prajitha (Author) NOtion Publications Singapore 2022 979-8887339429‏
6 Abubeker K M Open Source Programming & Embedded System Design Using Arduino IDE Nil Notion Press Publications, Singapore 2020 978-1649510105
7 Abubeker K M 80C51 µC- Embedded C & ALP Programming Notion Press, Singapore 2020 978-1648921216
8 Abubeker K M Fundamentals of C Programming M J Siya Notion Press, Singapore 2020 978-1648925528
9 Abubeker K M Scientific Computing with Python-A Hands-on- Approach Abubeker K M Notionpress publication 2022 979-8888331538
10 Shefeena Karim A Scientific Computing with Python A Hands-On-Approach Abubeker K M (Author) Notion Press Publications 2022 979-8888331538
11 Dr. Gee Varghese Titus Emerging Technologies for Sustainability P. C. Thomas, Vishal John Mathai CRC Press 2020 9780429353628
12 Dr. Careena P Green Engineering : A handbook of Sustainable Engineering Fr. Jins Sebastian, Reeju Elisa Baby Vimala Publications 2023 978-93-93163-17-2
13 Dr. Therese Yamuna Mahesh Classification of de-noised ECG signal to monitor stability of Heart Jerin Reji, Akil K.V., Angel Paulson, Anjana N and Arunima Lal CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group 2019 275-280 9780429353628
14 Dr. Therese Yamuna Mahesh High Security for Bank Locker using facial recognition Diya Achu Pradeep and Renuka Pradeep CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group 2020 379-386 9780429353628
15 Dr. Therese Yamuna Mahesh Automatic Detection of Brain Tumor using NSR Filter and K-means Clustering Athira P. CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group 2020 387-394 9780429353628
16 Anu Abraham Mathew Emerging Technologies for Sustainability - Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas - E-Book Ashlin George Mathew Taylor and Francis 2020 459-467 9780429353628
17 Dr. Careena P Statistical Significance of Wilson Amplitude Towards the Identification and Classification of Murmur from Phonocardiogram M.Mary Synthuja Jain Preetha Springer 2021 431-439 978-981-16-6284-3
18 Darsana P A research insight toward the significance in extraction of retinal blood vessels from fundus images and its various implementations Nimisha Anns Oommen Elsevier Science 2022 163-201 978-0-12-824410-4
19 Darsana P Face Cybernetics Athira K M Taylor and Francis - Emerging Technologies for Sustainability 2020 395-402 9780429353628
20 Dr. Careena P Effectiveness of Wilson amplitude for the Detection of Murmur from the PCG Records M. Mary Synthuja Jain Preetha and Arun P Springer 2020 189-198 1876-1100
21 Dr. Careena P Waveform Length Based Reliability Analysis for the Detection of Murmur from PCG records M. Mary Synthuja Jain Preetha and Arun P Taylor & Francis 2020 267-273 9780429353628
22 Dr. Gee Varghese Titus Computational Mechanisms for Exploiting Temporal Redundancies Supporting Multichannel EEG Compression Sudhakar M S Springer Nature, Singapore 2019 245-268 978-981-13-7141-7
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