Sl.No Faculty Title Role Fund Duration Amount
2 Shinto Sebastian AQUOMNISCIENT Advisor AJCE 2016-08-22-2017-02-27
3 Binu Mathew Coconut Pest Detector Advisor I2U,AJCE 2016-07-01-2017-02-28 10,000
4 Binu Mathew Virtual I Advisor CeDS,TVM 2014-06-01-2015-05-30 50,000
5 Binu Mathew Blind Assist Technology Advisor CeDS 2014-07-01-2015-05-30 50,000
6 Abubeker K M “Workshop on PCB Design and Fabrication”- Ref. No. SSW/062/2017/KSCSTE PI KSCSTE 2016-12-01-2017-05-31 .25
7 Abubeker K M Aquiminiscent, , from ASCCI-I2U -an AJCE research funding agency in 2016 Advisor I2U 2016-02-01-2016-07-31 .1
8 Abubeker K M Intelligent Automatic Gas Regulator cutoff mechanism for domestic and industrial application, from ASCCI-I2U -an AJCE research funding agency in 2016 Advisor I2U 2016-01-01-2016-07-31 .08
9 Abubeker K M HELP ME OUT: Helps in Child Rescue and Women Safety, from ASCI I2U -an AJCE research funding agency in 2017 Advisor I2U 2017-01-01-2017-07-31 .15
10 Abubeker K M AUDE BOT- from ASCCI-I2U -an AJCE research funding agency in 2018 Advisor I2U 2018-11-01-2019-04-30 .14
11 Abubeker K M IoT Based Cattle Monitoring System Advisor an AJCE research funding agency in 2020 2020-01-01-2020-05-30 .12
12 Abubeker K M Development of GPU Accelerated handheld Equipment for Early Detection and Classification of Parkinson’s Disease with Deep Learning Advisor an AJCE research funding agency in 2020 2020-01-01-2020-05-30 .11
13 Tessy Annie Varghese Drowsiness Detection using EEG signals Advisor I2U-AJCE 2019-01-01-2019-05-30 10000
14 Binu Mathew INFERNO STRIFE – EARLY FOREST FIRE DETECTION Advisor I2U,AJCE 2019-09-01-2020-04-01 15000
15 Binu Mathew Design and Implementation of a Prototype LiFi system emplyoing Visible Light Communication PI KSCSTE 2017-05-01-2018-12-01 3.63
16 Abubeker K M Safety Ensured Smart Vehicle PI KSCSTE 2017-11-27-2018-11-27 0.15
17 Reeju Elisa Baby Self-Driving Car Using Optical Flow & Gridding System PI CERD 2020-01-01-2021-01-01 0.15
18 Abubeker K M Internet of Things Enabled Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring and Smart Meter for Kerala Water Authority (KWA) and Municipal Water Services PI Startup mission 2022-12-01-2023-06-30 1
19 Dr. Therese Yamuna Mahesh CICERONE-A Real Time Object and Path Detection for Visually Impaired People PI KTU-CERD 2022-12-19-2022-12-19 0.225
20 Dr. Therese Yamuna Mahesh Pepper plant Disease Detection Based on Symptoms seen on the Leaf using YOLOv3 PI KSCSTE 2020-12-01-2021-07-01 0.10000
21 Midhun Joy Smart Agro-Incubator PI CERD 2020-02-01-2020-08-30 0.23
22 Darsana P Deep Learning based real time face mask detection and social distance monitoring PI KSCSTE 2021-11-01-2022-06-01 0.1
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