Sl.No Faculty Title CoAuthor Publisher Year Pages ISBN
1 Febin Sam Philip ENGINEERING GEOLOGY Dr. P. PURUSHOTHAMA RAJ Sri Krishna Hitech Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd 2017 978-93-86590-19-0
2 Dr. Aju Mathew George Smart and Sustainable Approaches for Optimizing Performance of Wireless Networks Dr.SN Kumar John and Wiley 2022 ISBN: 978-1-119-68253-0
3 Dani Jose Stabilization of Clayey Soil Using Enzymatic Lime and Effect of pH on Unconfined Compressive Strength Dr. S.Chandrakaran Springer, Singapore 2020 978-981 978-981-15-6236-5
4 Jency Sara Kurian Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering-Proceedings of SECON 19 Amritha G S Springer 2019 945-960 978-3-030-26365-2
5 Margret Sherin Joseph Moisture sensitivity characteristics of rubberized warm mix asphalt with Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Dr.Bindu C.S Springer Singapore 2021 21-27 978-981-334-589-8
6 Dr. Femy M Makkar Evaluation on the Shear Strength Characteristics of Soil Reinforced with Randomly Distributed Areca Fibers Shilpa Babu, Riya Maria George and Shifana I Springer 2022 317-323 978-981-19-6727-6
7 Dr. Femy M Makkar Numerical Modelling of 2D Geogrid Reinforced Sand Bed M.V. Sreya, S. Chandrakaran, N.Sankar Springer 2020 959-968 978-981-15-6085-9
8 Dr. Femy M Makkar Bearing Capacity Improvement of Sand Bed Reinforced with 3D Geogrids of Rectangular Pattern S. Chandrakaran, N.Sankar Springer 2019 19-26 978-981-13-6716-8
9 Dr. Aju Mathew George Utilization of Agro Waste for Energy Engineering Applications – Towards the Manufacturing of Batteries & Super capacitors S.N. Kumar, Akhil Sabuj, R.P. Nishita, O Lijo Joseph, John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2021 182-197 Online ISBN:9781119682554
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