Sl.No Faculty Name Organization Role Duration
1 Dr. Aju Mathew George Software Committee Member for Effective Online Learning Amal Jyothi College of Engineering To explore an effective structure and elements for online learning mechanism for the wide variety of programs (UG & PG) handled by theCollege 2020-07-01-2020-10-05
2 Dr. Prasad Varma Thampan C K Construction Guiding committee, ICCONS Hospital, Shornur ICCONS Hospital, Shornur Member 2016-08-01-2019-07-23
3 Dr. Prasad Varma Thampan C K Expert committee, “Thaddesamithram”- A project under the aid of World Bank for LSGD District Panchayath, Palakkad Expert Member 2015-09-08-2017-12-29
4 Dr. Prasad Varma Thampan C K Civil Engineering Expert to assist during site visits and sittings of the Advocate Commission Hon. Principal Munsiff’s court of Palakkad Member, Advocate Commission in OS 83/2020 as per order No.1A 786/2020 dated 19-03-2020. 2020-06-26-2020-12-31
5 Dr. Prasad Varma Thampan C K Technical Sub Committee of PMURKILSGD (Bridge reconstruction under Rebuild Kerala) LSGD, Kerala Government Chairman of Technical Sub Committee 2022-03-03-2023-03-03
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