Sl.No Faculty Title CoAuthor Publisher Year Pages ISBN
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10 Dr. P Ganesan The Influence of Floor Tile Colour on Lighting and Energy Saving S.Rajakarunakaran, M.Thirugnanasambandam, D.Devaraj Springer 2015 177-182 1876-1100
11 Dr. K Jessy Drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites Vishal John Mathai,Jalumedi Babu De Gruyter 2020 51-67 978-3-11-060828-1
12 Dr. Jerin Jose Wear behaviour analysis of a AlMgSiCu matrix syntactic foam reinforced with Boron carbide particles and recycled Fly ash balloons J.P.Paschoal, J.J. Thottathil, E. Daniel, R. C. Moraes, F. Gatamorta, E. Bayraktar, T.V.Christy, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis 2021 10-20 9780367708474
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15 Abi Varghese Ergonomic Evaluation of Rubber Tapping Workers Using Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) Vinay V Panicker, Jeffry Abraham, Jobin Gimmi, Judson Tom, and Kevin Desini Springer 2022 709-717 978-981-16-9951-1
16 Abi Varghese “Ergonomic Risk Assessment of Rubber Tappers Using Ovako Working Posture Analysing System (OWAS)” Vinay V Paniker, Jeffry Abraham, Jobin Gimmi, Judson Tom, Kevin Desini Springer International Publishing 2022 1531-1541 978-3-030-94277-9
17 Abi Varghese Design and Development of Rope & Net Assisted Papaya Plucker”, in the book Emerging Technologies for Sustainability Jippu Jacob Taylor & Francis 2020 599-604 9780429353628
18 Abi Varghese Design & Cost Analysis of Mini Tiller-cum-Basin-Maker Jippu Jacob Springer 2021 47-56 9789811598524
19 Abi Varghese “Computer-Aided Ergonomic Analysis for Rubber Tappers”, in the book Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Innovative Product Design Vinay V Paniker Springer 2021 57-67 9789811598524
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21 Dr. Joby George Bullwhip Effect Performance of Supply Chains Under Statistical Process Control-Based Policy V. Madhusudanan Pillai IGI Global USA 2020 195-223 9781799828679
22 Dr. Joby George Bullwhip Effect Quantification in a Supply Chain under Periodic Review Inventory Policies V. Madhusudanan Pillai CRC Press 2020 433-440 9780429353628
23 Dr. Vishal John Mathai Drilling of Glass Fibre Reinforced Composites Jessy, K., Babu, J. De Gruyter, Germany 2020 51-67 9783110610147
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25 Dr. Vishal John Mathai Wear compensation in Electro Discharge Machining process using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Harshit K Dave, Keyur P Desai Elsevier Publishers 2021 115-132 978-0-12-820049-0
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