Sl.No Faculty Name Title Type MemberID Details
1 Binu Thomas ISTE (LM 65415) ISTE Life Time LM 65415 Life Member, ISTE (LM 65415)
2 Binu Thomas MIE MIE Life Time M-153344-9 MIE(M-153344-9)
3 Abi Varghese Institute of Engineers India (IEI) Associate Member Life Time AM 162963-0
4 Abi Varghese Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Life Member Life Time LM 110080
5 Abi Varghese THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS Chartered Engineers Life Time AM 162963-0
6 Dr. Vishal John Mathai American Society of Reserach ASR Life Time R216020202
7 George Sebastian The Institution of Engineers IEI Member AM1675705 Associate member
8 Dr. K Jessy Jessy.K Jes Fellow Member F/2207/12 Fellow Member of Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers.(ISME)
9 Roshan Kuruvila Institution Of Engineers (India) IE(I) Life Time M148816-8
10 Dr. Jippu Jacob The Institution of Engineers (India) IEI Life Time F - 118848-4 Fellow
11 Dr. Joby George Indian Society for Technical Education ISTE Life Time LM65639 Year of joining: 2009
12 Dr. Joby George Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering IIIE Life Time SMIIE10906(51) Year of joining: 2016
13 Arun Thomas Institution of Engineers - India IEI Life Time AM175339-0 Associate Member
14 Arun Thomas American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Yearly 103028448 Professional Membership
15 Sherin Thampi National Institution for Quality and Reliability NIQR Yearly 1001 AMAL JYOTHI COLLEGE STUDENT CHAPTER COORDINATOR
16 Jayakrishnan R Institution of Engineers ( India ) IE(I) Life Time AM1659955 The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI] is a statutory body to promote and advance the engineering and technology, established in 1920 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935.
17 Dr. Anish R Indian Socity for Technical Education ISTE Life Time LM - 134805 The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is the leading National Professional non-profit making Society for the Technical Education System in our country with the motto of Career Development of Teachers and Personality Development of Students and overall development of our Technical Education System.
18 Dr. Anish R World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies WSSET Life Time 2834 WSSET has played an important role in consolidating practical partnerships between academic and industrial organisations, as well as promoting sustainable development/technologies worldwide
19 Dr. Anish R International Society of Energy and Built Environment ISEBE Yearly ISEBE-A-0215 .
20 Binu Thomas Membership ISTE 2009-08-01
21 Binu Thomas Membership IEI 2015-06-01
22 Roshan Kuruvila Membership Institution of Engineers 2014-04-13
23 Roshan Kuruvila Membership Institute of Standards Engineers 1994-02-01
24 Roshan Kuruvila Membership Indian institution of Plant Engineers 1996-02-12
26 Abi Varghese INDIAN SOCIETY FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION Life Member 2016-02-17
27 Abi Varghese Chartered Engineers THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS(INDIA) 2016-07-28
28 Dr. Vishal John Mathai Membership American Society for Research 2016-02-05
29 Dr. Jippu Jacob Fellowship (FIE) The Institution of Engineers (India) 2014-05-31
30 Dr. K Jessy fellow member Indian society of Mechanical Engineers 2010-12-10
31 Dr. Anish R Membership ISTE - Life Time (LM - 134805) 2019-06-30
32 Dr. Anish R Membership WSSET - Life Time (2834) 2020-08-31
33 Dr. Anish R Membership ISEBE - Yearly (ISEBE-A-0215) 2019-06-30
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