Sl.No Faculty Title Role Fund Duration Amount
1 George Sebastian Manual vegetable seeding machine PI KSCSTE 2015-10-01-2016-04-11 15,000
2 Mathew J Joseph ASAP DAT skill development course- “Machining Technician level-3” Additional Skills Acquisition Programme-Govt. of Kerala 2016-05-02-2016-07-26 3.0
3 Sherin Thampi Development of a Treadmill cum Power Generator for Domestic Applications PI KERALA STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2016-03-29-0000-00-00 6.95
4 Roshan Kuruvila Design,Analysis and Modified Construction of a Multiutility Air Cushion vehicle Advisor Institution of Engineers (India) 2015-06-08-2015-11-20 0.2
5 George Sebastian Multipurpose harvester PI KSCSTE 2016-09-08-2017-08-25 7,000
6 George Sebastian Coconut desheller PI KSCSTE 2016-09-08-2017-08-25 7,000
7 George Sebastian Tapioca peeling machine PI KSCSTE 2016-09-08-2017-08-25 7,000
8 Meby Mathew Development of Robotic Mobilizer for paraplegic Co-PI Ministry of social Justice and empowerment of people with disabilities 2016-07-01-2017-12-31 1190000
9 Subin P George Patient Transfer Board PI Kerala State Commisionerate for persons with disabilities ,Trivandrum 2014-10-24-2015-06-01 0.2
10 Subin P George Mechanized food processing unit PI KSCSTE 2015-06-29-2017-03-29 1.2
11 Subin P George Robotic mobilizer for paraplegic patients PI Ministry of social justice and empowerment , Govt of India 2016-07-10-0000-00-00 11.9
13 Dr. Jippu Jacob A CHILD-RESCUE-SYSTEM FOR BORE WELLS PI Dept. of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India 2014-12-23-2017-12-31 15 lakh
14 Dr. Jippu Jacob Establishment of IPR Cell in Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally. Other Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment, Govt. of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram 2013-07-22-2017-12-31 0.1 lakh
15 George Sebastian Multipurpose harvester PI I2U, AJCE 2016-07-01-2017-02-14 7,000
16 George Sebastian Portable tapioca harvesting machine PI I2U, AJCE 2017-06-01-2018-02-01 11,000
17 George Sebastian Variable resistance treadmill for wheelchair PI I2U, AJCE 2017-06-01-2018-02-01 15,000
18 George Sebastian Multipurpose Robocam PI I2U, AJCE 2018-12-01-2019-04-30 15,000
19 George Sebastian Formalin Detector PI I2U, AJCE 2018-12-01-2019-04-30 8,500
20 Abi Varghese DE-TACH: Mid-rib of Coconut Leaves Separating Machine PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2019-12-30-2019-12-31 11000
21 Abi Varghese Cardamom Cleaning Machine (Continuous -Type) PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2020-01-01-2020-08-31 10000
22 Abi Varghese Pineapple Sapling Winding Machine PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2021-12-23-2022-04-25 4000
23 Abi Varghese Ergonomics modification of Rubber tapping knife (Michie Golledge) for improving body posture of Rubber tapper PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2021-12-23-2022-04-25 3000
24 Abi Varghese Digital Tyre Wear Indicator PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2021-12-23-2022-04-25 5000
25 Dr. Anish R 'Experimental and numerical analysis of heat transfer and pressure drop on typical continuous perforated V-cut and U-Cut twisted tapes in a typical heat exchanger' PI Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) “75/SPS59/2016/KSCSTE” 2016-09-23-2017-09-09 0.12
26 Dr. Jithin M Lattice Boltzmann Solver for transport and electrochemistry in lithium oxygen batteries PI DST 2021-04-01-2023-03-31 29.54
27 George Sebastian Aloe vera gel separator machine PI KSCSTE 2017-11-15-2018-12-31 0.125
28 George Sebastian Tapioca harvesting machine PI KSCSTE 2017-08-01-2018-07-31 0.11
29 Mathew J Joseph Solar-powered Water generation from the atmosphere PI KSCSTE 2021-10-29-2022-10-29 0.1
30 Dr. K Jessy AICTE IDEA LAB PI AICTE 2021-06-17-2023-06-17 128
31 Jayakrishnan R Variable Resistance treadmill for wheel chair Co-PI Centre for Disability studies ( a Unit under LBS Centre for Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram ) 2017-03-01-2019-03-01 1,20,000
32 Binu Thomas Development of Graphene based Silicone Rubber Composite for Tribological Applications Co-PI DRDO,New Delhi 2017-09-21-2020-09-20 35.50
33 Abi Varghese DE-TACH: Mid-rib of Coconut Leaves Separating Machine PI KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala 2019-01-22-2019-04-30 0.1
34 Abi Varghese LATINNO : Natural Rubber Collecting Backpack PI Ambedkar Social Innovation and Incubation Mission (ASIIM), under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India 2021-07-13-2023-07-13 30
35 Abi Varghese LATINNO: Latex Collecting Backpack PI Kerala Startup Mission, Govt. of Kerala 2018-08-20-2019-09-30 2
36 Abi Varghese Ergonomics Modification and Bio-Mechanical Analysis of Rubber Tapping Knife (Michie Golledge) for Improving Body Posture of Rubber Tapper PI CERD 2022: Student Project Scheme of KTU 2022-05-05-2022-12-31 0.425
37 Dr. Vishal John Mathai DST FIST Co-PI DST 2018-12-01-2023-12-01 15
38 George Sebastian Effect of cryogenic treatment on mechanical and tribological properties of components remanufactured using wire arc additive manufacturing PI CERD - APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2023-03-01-2026-03-31 100000
39 George Sebastian Assistive Tilting Mechanisms for Vertical Flow Pumps in Kuttanad Co-PI APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2023-03-24-2024-03-31 11000
40 George Sebastian Automatic pill dispenser PI CeDS 2017-06-01-2018-06-01 0.25
41 George Sebastian Variable resistance treadmill for wheelchair PI CeDS 2017-06-01-2019-06-01 1.2
42 George Sebastian Quad Robo System for advanced inventory management PI KSCSTE 2019-01-23-2020-09-30 0.15
43 George Sebastian Design and fabrication of anti roll back system in wheel chair using ratchet and pawl mechanism PI CeDS 2017-06-01-2018-06-01 0.20
44 George Sebastian Portable knee therapy device PI CeDS 2017-06-01-2018-06-01 0.255
45 George Sebastian Flywheel kinetic energy storage and regenerative braking system on a bicycle PI KSCSTE 2017-01-01-2018-08-31 0.1
46 Dr. Vishal John Mathai Study on application of Tapioca Starch Slime as a carrier medium for Abrasive Flow Finishing of EDM ed surfaces.. PI Research Seed Money (RSM) scheme of KTU 2021-09-02-2022-09-02 0.83
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