Sl.No Faculty Title Role Fund Duration Amount
1 Dr. Soney C George Development of High performance Graphene /Polychloroprene Rubber nanocomposites PI DST,New Delhi 2013-01-15-2016-07-31 20.35
2 Dr. Soney C George Development of Novel Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanocomposite Membranes for the Pervaporation Separation of Aqueous Organic Liquid Mixtures PI KSCSTE ,Trivandrum 2012-01-19-2015-04-30 13.65 Lakhs
3 Dr. Soney C George Synthesis, characterization and properties of clay-natural rubber nanocomposite PI DST, New Delhi 2005-06-08-2008-06-07 5.5 Lakhs
4 Dr. Soney C George Synthesis Characterization and properties of Nanomaterials Co-PI DST,New Delhi 2005-06-23-2010-06-22 50 Lakhs
5 Dr. Soney C George SBR -Exfoliated graphite Composites PI IEDC, DST(AJCE) 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 1 Lakhs
6 Dr. Soney C George Development, characterization and pervaporation performance of chitosan blended PVA/bentonite clay nanocomposite Advisor KSCSTE Trivandrum 2013-07-25-2014-07-24 0.15
7 Dr. Soney C George Effect of nanosilica on the compressive properties of the Natural rubber latex modified concrete Advisor KSCSTE Trivandrum 2013-07-24-2014-07-23 0.15
8 Dr. Soney C George Utilization of polymer waste as potential filler in elastomers Advisor AJCE 2007-07-18-2008-07-17 0.15
9 Dr. Jacob Philip Photo acoustic study of amorphous Semiconductors Other Department of Atomic Energy 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs.3, 02, 300/-
10 Dr. Jacob Philip Study of phase transitions in solids using diffraction of light by ultrasonic waves Other Dept. of Science & Technology 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 1, 00,000/-
11 Dr. Jacob Philip Temperature variation of the thermal conductivity of polymer films using photo acoustic technique Other State Committee on Science, Technology and Environment, Government of Kerala 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 64, 400
12 Dr. Jacob Philip Acoustic phonon instability and dispersion in structural incommensurate Other Department of Science and Technology 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 9, 31,300/-
13 Dr. Jacob Philip Optical and thermal properties of amorphous semiconductors at low temperatures Other Department of Atomic Energy 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 2, 01,000/-
14 Dr. Jacob Philip Investigation of elastic and thermal properties of ferroelectric ceramics Other Third world Academy of Sciences 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 US $ 3000
15 Dr. Jacob Philip Investigation of photo-conducting properties of amorphous chalcogenides Other University Grants Commission 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 5, 15,000/-
16 Dr. Jacob Philip Development of Photo acoustic Microscope for NDT applications Other Department of Science and Technology 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 11, 48,000/-
17 Dr. Jacob Philip Elastic properties and phase transitions in small single crystals using resonant ultrasound technique Other Department of Atomic Energy 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 4, 98,000/-
18 Dr. Jacob Philip Development of a photopyroelectric calorimeter Other University Grants Commission 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 400, 000/-
19 Dr. Jacob Philip Development of a plantar foot pressure measurement system Other M/s Dynamic Techno Medicals 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 150, 000/-
20 Dr. Jacob Philip Development of a plantar foot pressure/ human back pressure monitoring system employing e-field sensor array Other Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 600, 000/-
21 Dr. Jacob Philip Development of a low cost wireless plantar foot pressure monitoring system employing e-field sensors Other Department of Science and Technology 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 18, 09, 000
22 Dr. Jacob Philip Investigations on electro-active Polymeric Composites of Nanostructured piezoceramics Other Department of Science and Technology 0000-00-00-0000-00-00 Rs. 29, 79,200/-
23 George Sebastian Manual vegetable seeding machine PI KSCSTE 2015-10-01-2016-04-11 15,000
25 Sree Ram H Green Hearth PI DST 2013-08-01-2014-03-31 1
26 Sree Ram H Easy Elevator Co-PI KSCPWD 2013-06-03-2014-03-31 0.75
27 Sree Ram H Low Cost Vehicle for Physically Challenged PI KSCPWD 2014-08-01-2015-06-30 0.2
28 Sree Ram H SMART WALKING STICK PI CDS 2014-07-01-2016-03-31 0.4
29 Sree Ram H Mechanical Cruise Control System PI I2U 2016-06-01-0000-00-00 0.07
30 Mathew J Joseph ASAP DAT skill development course- “Machining Technician level-3” Additional Skills Acquisition Programme-Govt. of Kerala 2016-05-02-2016-07-26 3.0
31 Sherin Thampi Development of a Treadmill cum Power Generator for Domestic Applications PI KERALA STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2016-03-29-0000-00-00 6.95
32 Roshan Kuruvila Design,Analysis and Modified Construction of a Multiutility Air Cushion vehicle Advisor Institution of Engineers (India) 2015-06-08-2015-11-20 0.2
33 George Sebastian Multipurpose harvester PI KSCSTE 2016-09-08-2017-08-25 7,000
34 George Sebastian Coconut desheller PI KSCSTE 2016-09-08-2017-08-25 7,000
35 George Sebastian Tapioca peeling machine PI KSCSTE 2016-09-08-2017-08-25 7,000
36 Meby Mathew Development of Robotic Mobilizer for paraplegic Co-PI Ministry of social Justice and empowerment of people with disabilities 2016-07-01-2017-12-31 1190000
37 Sreekumar K Cryotreatment of Martensitic stainless steels Advisor ISRO 2016-06-30-2017-12-31 Rs 15 Lakhs
38 Subin P George Patient Transfer Board PI Kerala State Commisionerate for persons with disabilities ,Trivandrum 2014-10-24-2015-06-01 0.2
39 Subin P George Mechanized food processing unit PI KSCSTE 2015-06-29-2017-03-29 1.2
40 Subin P George Robotic mobilizer for paraplegic patients PI Ministry of social justice and empowerment , Govt of India 2016-07-10-0000-00-00 11.9
42 Dr. Jippu Jacob A CHILD-RESCUE-SYSTEM FOR BORE WELLS PI Dept. of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India 2014-12-23-2017-12-31 15 lakh
43 Dr. Jippu Jacob Establishment of IPR Cell in Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally. Other Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment, Govt. of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram 2013-07-22-2017-12-31 0.1 lakh
44 Shinto Sebastian AQUOMNISCIENT Advisor AJCE 2016-08-22-2017-02-27
45 Sreekala P Smart Shelf Advisor I2U 2011-03-08-2011-04-14
46 Binu Mathew Coconut Pest Detector Advisor I2U,AJCE 2016-07-01-2017-02-28 10,000
47 Binu Mathew Virtual I Advisor CeDS,TVM 2014-06-01-2015-05-30 50,000
48 Binu Mathew Blind Assist Technology Advisor CeDS 2014-07-01-2015-05-30 50,000
49 George Sebastian Multipurpose harvester PI I2U, AJCE 2016-07-01-2017-02-14 7,000
50 George Sebastian Portable tapioca harvesting machine PI I2U, AJCE 2017-06-01-2018-02-01 11,000
51 George Sebastian Variable resistance treadmill for wheelchair PI I2U, AJCE 2017-06-01-2018-02-01 15,000
52 Dr. Jaimon Yohannan Compact microwave dielectric resonator antennas for communication application. PI Department of Science & Technology 2007-08-01-2011-01-25 15
53 Dr. Jaimon Yohannan Preparation properties and Characterisation of Ceramic dielectric resonators PI Council of Scientific and Industrial Research 2004-08-01-2007-07-31 5
54 Dr. Jaimon Yohannan Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on the structural and electrical properties of selected ferroelectric ceramics Co-PI Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi 1997-11-01-2000-10-31 1.8
55 Dr. Shiju George Assistive Bot for Children with Autism Advisor Kerala Startup Mission 2018-02-05-2019-03-30 1.75
56 George Sebastian Multipurpose Robocam PI I2U, AJCE 2018-12-01-2019-04-30 15,000
57 George Sebastian Formalin Detector PI I2U, AJCE 2018-12-01-2019-04-30 8,500
58 Sherin Sam Jose KETCON & TECH FEST of KSCSTE-2016 (15 Lakhs) PI Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, Govt. of Kerala & KTU 2016-01-08-2016-01-09 15
59 Sherin Sam Jose Sanctioning of IEDC Bootcamp (6 lakhs) PI Kerala Starup Mission, Govt. of Kerala 2015-03-01-2016-03-01 4
60 Sherin Sam Jose Science Excursion PI Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment 2015-01-01-2016-07-31 2
61 Sherin Sam Jose Career guidance programme PI ICTACT, Tamilnadu 2015-01-01-2015-12-31 1
62 Sherin Sam Jose National level Workshop on Innovation (0.4 lakhs) PI Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, Govt. of Kerala 2014-01-01-2014-12-31 0.4
63 Sherin Sam Jose Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center PI Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India 2009-04-01-2014-03-31 47
64 Sherin Sam Jose TIFAC CORE at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering TIFAC CORE 2010-04-01-2011-03-31 450
65 Sherin Sam Jose Business Skill Development Programme PI MSME Development Institute, Govt of India 2009-04-01-2010-03-31 1
66 Sherin Sam Jose Faculty development Programme PI AICTE, Govt of India 2008-04-01-2009-03-31 2.51
67 Sherin Sam Jose IPR Cell (0.01 lakhs) PI Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, Govt. of Kerala & KTU 2013-04-01-2014-03-31 0.01
68 Sherin Sam Jose Sanctioning of NSS at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering PI Sanctioning of NSS at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering 2006-04-01-2007-03-31 0
69 Sherin Sam Jose Red Ribbon club (0.05 Lakhs) PI Sanctioning of Red Ribbon club at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering 2008-04-01-2009-03-31 0.05
70 Sherin Sam Jose NIMAT projects PI EDII, DST, NSTEDB 2011-04-01-2019-03-31 23.62
71 Dr. Bino I Koshy A System for Traffic Data Collection, Vehicle Classification and Head Light Violation Detection Using Audio Visual Cues Co-PI TRC 2018-04-01-2020-03-31 9.3 Lakhs
72 Dr. Bino I Koshy Development of recycled aggregates concrete for the construction of various road elements PI TRC 2018-04-01-2020-03-31 19.14 Lakhs
73 Dr. Bino I Koshy Development of real-world driving cycles in hilly areas and estimation of vehicular emissions PI TRC 2018-04-01-2020-03-31 9.98 Lakhs
74 Dr. Bino I Koshy Study of vehicular emissions under varying road and traffic conditions - (Completed) PI TRC 2016-05-01-2018-03-31 11.00 Lakhs
75 Dr. Bino I Koshy Vehicle detection and speed estimation using audio-visual cues” -Rs. 5.1 lakhs- (Completed) PI Center of Excellence in Transportation Engineering NITT 2017-04-01-2018-03-31 5.10 Lakhs
76 Dr. Bino I Koshy Coir geotextile based bio-filters for waste water treatment Co-PI Kerala State Coir Corporation 2013-04-01-2014-03-31 1.62 Lakhs
77 Dr. Soney C George Introduction of Polymer Science to undergraduate students of Mahatma Gandhi University Science Popularisation project sanctioned PI KSCSTE 2015-09-26-2016-09-25 1.7 Lakhs
78 Thomas Varghese WildWatch Advisor Wildlife Trust of India 2017-01-01-2017-11-24 1.5
79 Rani Chacko Efficiency improvement of Canal Top Solar PV system with reflectors, EMC/ET&R/17/SPS/01 PI Energy Management Centre 2016-11-01-2017-05-01 0.15
80 Rani Chacko Advanced DSM System For DC Residential Home, KTU/RESEARCH2/3895/2018 PI APJAKTU-CERD 2018-11-01-2019-04-30 0.35
81 Rani Chacko A Novel Low Cost Solar Based Energy Efficient Smart Electrification System For Conventional Home PI Innovation Ideas Unleashed Contest (I2U) 2018 AJCE 2018-11-01-2019-04-30 0.13
82 Abubeker K M “Workshop on PCB Design and Fabrication”- Ref. No. SSW/062/2017/KSCSTE PI KSCSTE 2016-12-01-2017-05-31 .25
83 Abubeker K M Aquiminiscent, , from ASCCI-I2U -an AJCE research funding agency in 2016 Advisor I2U 2016-02-01-2016-07-31 .1
84 Abubeker K M Intelligent Automatic Gas Regulator cutoff mechanism for domestic and industrial application, from ASCCI-I2U -an AJCE research funding agency in 2016 Advisor I2U 2016-01-01-2016-07-31 .08
85 Abubeker K M HELP ME OUT: Helps in Child Rescue and Women Safety, from ASCI I2U -an AJCE research funding agency in 2017 Advisor I2U 2017-01-01-2017-07-31 .15
86 Abubeker K M AUDE BOT- from ASCCI-I2U -an AJCE research funding agency in 2018 Advisor I2U 2018-11-01-2019-04-30 .14
87 Rani Chacko IOT for energy optimization and automation of green building PI Innovation Ideas Unleashed Contest (I2U) 2019 AJCE 2019-12-01-2020-03-25 .15
88 Abi Varghese DE-TACH: Mid-rib of Coconut Leaves Separating Machine PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2019-12-30-2019-12-31 11000
89 Jayakrishna V IOT Based Climate control in parked vehicles Advisor AMAL JYOTHI SCHOLARS’ COMMUNITY FOR INSPIRING INNOVATION (ASCII) 2019-11-21-2020-03-25 0.1
90 Jayakrishna V TIPS: A Wearable Input Interface Advisor AMAL JYOTHI SCHOLARS’ COMMUNITY FOR INSPIRING INNOVATION (ASCII) 2018-11-12-2019-03-25 0.1
92 Jayakrishna V ICFOSS-AWARENESS PROGRAMME Other ICFOSS, TRIVANDRUM 2018-09-06-2019-04-30 0.2
93 Syam Gopi NME-ICT -( Rs.1,99,045) MHRD-GOI 2012-07-12-2022-07-12 Rs.1,99,045
94 Syam Gopi NME-ICT (Rs.3,75,381) MHRD-GOI 2011-11-05-2011-12-04 Rs.3,75,381
95 Syam Gopi NME-ICT -Rs.2,030,25 MHRD-GOI 2011-11-29-2011-12-10 Rs.2,030,25
96 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.33,500 MHRD-GOI 2012-02-18-2012-02-19 Rs.33,500
97 Syam Gopi NME-ICT -Rs.1,62,252 MHRD-GOI 2012-06-26-2012-07-07 Rs.1,62,252
98 Syam Gopi NME-ICT- Rs. 1,73,071 MHRD-GOI 2012-06-25-2012-07-04 Rs. 1,73,071
99 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs. 1,24,732 MHRD-GOI 2012-12-11-2012-12-22 Rs. 1,24,732
100 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.7000 MHRD-GOI 2013-02-02-2013-02-09 Rs.7000
101 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.10,000 MHRD-GOI 2013-02-23-2013-05-03 Rs.1,0000
102 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.1,43,537 MHRD-GOI 2013-05-21-2013-05-31 Rs.1,43,537
103 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.1,63,421 MHRD-GOI 2013-11-26-2013-12-06 Rs.1,63,421
104 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.1,06,018 MHRD-GOI 2014-05-20-2014-06-21 Rs.1,06,018
105 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.65,650 MHRD-GOI 2014-06-30-2014-07-05 Rs.65,650
106 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.1,06,028 MHRD-GOI 2014-07-01-2014-07-12 Rs.1,06,028
107 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.53,964 MHRD-GOI 2015-01-05-2015-01-31 Rs.53,964
108 Syam Gopi NME-ICT-Rs.1,03,998 MHRD-GOI 2015-06-02-2015-06-12 Rs.1,03,998
109 Syam Gopi NME-ICT(Rs.1,46,615) MHRD-GOI 2013-06-04-2013-06-14 Rs.1,46,615
110 Syam Gopi NME-ICT(Rs.76,615) MHRD-GOI 2013-12-31-2014-01-10 Rs.76,615
111 Syam Gopi NME-ICT(Rs.1,37,708) MHRD-GOI 2014-05-20-2014-05-30 Rs.1,37,708
112 Syam Gopi NME-ICT(Rs.94,768) MHRD-GOI 2014-12-02-2014-12-12 Rs.94,768
113 Syam Gopi NME-ICT -(Rs.79,963) MHRD-GOI 2015-05-20-2015-05-30 Rs.79,963
114 Syam Gopi NME-ICT -(Rs.94,675) MHRD-GOI 2016-01-04-2016-01-09 Rs.94,675
115 Syam Gopi NME-ICT -(Rs.77,490) MHRD-GOI 2017-01-30-2017-02-04 Rs.77,490
116 Syam Gopi NME-ICT -( Rs.66,778) MHRD-GOI 2017-07-10-2017-07-15 Rs.66,778
117 Syam Gopi NME-ICT -( Rs.8000) MHRD-GOI 2017-12-16-2017-12-17 Rs.8000
118 Abubeker K M IoT Based Cattle Monitoring System Advisor an AJCE research funding agency in 2020 2020-01-01-2020-05-30 .12
119 Abubeker K M Development of GPU Accelerated handheld Equipment for Early Detection and Classification of Parkinson’s Disease with Deep Learning Advisor an AJCE research funding agency in 2020 2020-01-01-2020-05-30 .11
120 Tessy Annie Varghese Drowsiness Detection using EEG signals Advisor I2U-AJCE 2019-01-01-2019-05-30 10000
121 Dr. Soney C George Human hair reinforced natural rubber composites Advisor AJCE 2020-07-21-2020-07-21 0.15
122 Dr. Soney C George DST-FIST Project Other DST, New Delhi 2019-12-28-2024-12-27 60
123 Joffie Jacob Solar PV power forcasting using ANN Advisor AJCE I2U 2019-11-01-2020-03-31 0.12
124 Rani Chacko AI-Based Performance Evaluation and Fault Detection for PV Systems ANERT-TECH/82/2019-S(NEP) dt. 05/12/2019, SRI 12 2018/19 Co-PI ANERT 2019-03-01-2020-12-31 3.46
126 Dr. Abin Manoj Development of Novel Poly Nanocomposite Membranes for the Pervaporation Seperation of Aqueous Organic Liquid Mixtures Co-PI Kerala State Council for Science Technology and environment 2012-01-19-2015-03-31 1320000
127 Abi Varghese Cardamom Cleaning Machine (Continuous -Type) PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2020-01-01-2020-08-31 10000
129 Belarmin Xavier C S Manufacture of sustainable bricks Co-PI IIU 2017-07-12-2018-07-18 0.10
130 Belarmin Xavier C S Curvature Characteristic of reinforced beam using photogrammetry technique Co-PI IIU 2019-07-17-2020-09-17 0.10
131 Binu Mathew INFERNO STRIFE – EARLY FOREST FIRE DETECTION Advisor I2U,AJCE 2019-09-01-2020-04-01 15000
132 Dr. Nimi Ann Vincent A study on potential utilization of MICP on stabilisation of weak soils and a preliminary investigation on ellect of MICP on stabilisation of slopes Advisor I2U 2020-01-06-2020-05-31 0.12
133 Anit James The Web Phone Manager Advisor I2U 2017-12-01-2018-05-01 0
134 Sherin Sam Jose ISBA - CON 2019 (21.95) PI KSUM, Govt of Kerala & ISBA 2019-07-17-2019-07-19 21.95
135 Sherin Sam Jose IEDC Summit 2018 (24 Lakhs) PI KSUM, Govt of Kerala & ISBA 2018-12-03-2018-11-03 24
136 Rani Chacko IoT Based Energy Conscious LVDC Building Other Energy Management Centre 2020-11-03-2021-01-09 .53
137 Grace Mary Abraham Study on the properties of natural rubber latex and nano-graphite modified concrete Co-PI I2U 2014-08-04-2015-03-12 0.2
138 Grace Mary Abraham Study on Ferrocement Elements Co-PI I2U 2017-08-03-2018-02-12 0.1
139 Grace Mary Abraham A study on potential utilization of MICP on weak soils and preliminary investigation on MICP in stabilization of slopes Co-PI I2U 2019-08-12-2020-02-12 0.12
140 Grace Mary Abraham Development of Natural Rubber Latex Modified Concrete and Effect of Nano Graphite on Compressive Strength of Concrete Co-PI KSCSTE 2014-11-10-2015-03-12 0.125
141 Dr. Mini Mathew Water Quality Analysis in Manimala River PI KSCSTE 2015-03-25-2015-03-25 0.12500
142 Dr. Mini Mathew Study on the effect of silica fume on the properties of coir fibre reinforced self compacting concrete PI KSCSTE 2017-12-22-2018-12-27 0.10000
143 Shelly Shiju George Bus 4 U Advisor I2U - AJCE 2019-04-02-2020-12-31 7000
144 Shelly Shiju George Restaurant Manager using Raspberry Pi Advisor I2U - AJCE 2017-05-10-2017-12-31 13500
145 Shelly Shiju George Time Table Making Software Advisor I2U - AJCE 2016-06-06-2016-12-31 0
146 Syam Gopi NME-ICT(Rs.3,00,000/-) MHRD-GOI 2016-11-01-2016-12-01 3,00,000
147 Syam Gopi NMEICT(2,00,000) MHRD 2011-07-05-2011-07-12 2,00,000
148 Syam Gopi NMEICT(2,00,000) MHRD 2011-06-14-2011-06-24 1,90,000
149 Abi Varghese Pineapple Sapling Winding Machine PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2021-12-23-2022-04-25 4000
150 Abi Varghese Ergonomics modification of Rubber tapping knife (Michie Golledge) for improving body posture of Rubber tapper PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2021-12-23-2022-04-25 3000
151 Abi Varghese Digital Tyre Wear Indicator PI I2U, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally 2021-12-23-2022-04-25 5000
152 Sherin Sam Jose ECONOMIC FUEL CONSUMING VESSEL PI Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India 2010-06-01-2011-03-31 1
153 Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Synchronization in Single Carrier and Multi Carrier Under Water Wireless Acoustic Communication System (UWACS) Co-PI NRB, DRDO 2022-02-03-2025-02-02 35.64
154 Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Design & Implementation of Protocol Stack for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Co-PI NRB, DRDO 2013-01-15-2016-01-31 30
155 Dr. Lillykutty Jacob DST-FIST PI DST 2008-05-01-2013-04-30 43.70
156 Dr. Lillykutty Jacob QoS and Fairness Issues of Wireless LANs PI MHRD 2005-05-01-2008-04-30 7.5
157 Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Investigations into The Dynamics of Transport Layer Protocols for High Speed Co-PI NSTB Singapore 2001-05-01-2003-03-31 S$530K
158 Dr. Lillykutty Jacob Quality of Service (QoS) Backbone for Video Streaming and Other Applications Co-PI NSTB Singapore 2000-04-01-2001-03-31 S$420K
159 Dr. Swaroop S Kumar Fibrinolytic and anti-inflammatory enzyme (PEKU1) based wound debriding hydrogel preparation- A strategy for long term wound healing PI Amal Jyothi College of Engineering 12U 2021-12-22-2022-06-22 0.1
160 Ajith G S Blockoce Advisor I2U, AJCE 2019-11-21-2020-03-25 10000 RS
161 Anjali Rathish Ecolat- Ecofriendly Lat Machine Advisor I2U 2021-09-15-2022-01-01 0.05
162 Sree Ram H RAMBUTTAN PROTECTION EQUIPMENT PI i2u 2022-03-01-2022-07-31 0.08
163 Shelly Shiju George BLOCKOCE Advisor I2U - AJCE 2019-04-02-2020-12-31 15000
164 Gloriya Mathew BUS4U Advisor I2U 2020-01-01-2020-07-30 7000
165 Gloriya Mathew Blockoce Advisor I2U 2020-01-01-2020-07-30 10000
166 Gloriya Mathew Crypted Advisor I2U 2021-11-30-2022-07-31 10000
167 Gloriya Mathew DecShare Advisor KSUM-IEDC 2022-07-25-2022-07-25 0.35
168 Dr. Anish R 'Experimental and numerical analysis of heat transfer and pressure drop on typical continuous perforated V-cut and U-Cut twisted tapes in a typical heat exchanger' PI Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) “75/SPS59/2016/KSCSTE” 2016-09-23-2017-09-09 0.12
170 Nimmy Francis Electro Mobile KSCSTE 2021-08-01-2021-12-30 0.1
171 Nimmy Francis Raptor X Kerala Startup Mission 2021-12-01-2022-06-30 1
172 Rani Chacko Vagitus PI 1. Innovation Ideas Unleashed Contest (I2U) 2020-21 2021-10-01-2022-04-30 0.13
173 Dr. Aju Mathew George Quality Analysis of Water, Wastewater and Compost for Rural Community Applications Co-PI AICTE -MODROB RURAL 2019-12-14-2021-12-14 14
174 Dr. Jithin M Lattice Boltzmann Solver for transport and electrochemistry in lithium oxygen batteries PI DST 2021-04-01-2023-03-31 29.54
175 Dr. Mini Mathew Modrob-Rural PI AICTE 2018-01-08-2020-12-13 14
176 Dr. J R Anoop Raj Cassava based novel food products Co-PI Thomson Hospitality Pvt Ltd 1970-01-01-1970-01-01 10 Lakhs
177 Dr. Mini Mathew Bio-sorbents from Agro and Fruit Waste for Oil Removal from Water KSCSTE 2021-10-29-2022-04-30 0.1
178 Dr. Sijumon V A Degradation of methyl orange using advanced oxidation process PI  Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment 2019-08-05-2019-12-17 .08
179 Dr. Soney C George Conversion of Plastic Waste into Foam PI KSCSTE 2019-08-05-2020-08-05 0.05
180 George Sebastian Aloe vera gel separator machine PI KSCSTE 2017-11-15-2018-12-31 0.125
181 George Sebastian Tapioca harvesting machine PI KSCSTE 2017-08-01-2018-07-31 0.11
182 Grace Mary Abraham Study on the effect of silica fume on the properties of coir fibre reinforced self compacting concrete PI KSCSTE 2017-12-10-2018-03-26 0.06
183 Manoj T Joy Cyber Crime Community Awareness PI KSCSTE-Govt of Kerala 2018-06-01-2019-12-31 2
184 Dr. Femy M Makkar A Study on Potential Utilisation of MICP on WeakSoils and a preliminary Investigation on Application of MICP in Stabilization of Foreshore Slopes Co-PI CERD KTU 2019-10-01-2021-10-01 .32
185 Sree Ram H RAMBUTTAN PROTECTION EQUIPMENT PI KSCSTE 2022-01-03-2022-07-03 0.1
186 Mathew J Joseph Solar-powered Water generation from the atmosphere PI KSCSTE 2021-10-29-2022-10-29 0.1
187 Dr. K Jessy AICTE IDEA LAB PI AICTE 2021-06-17-2023-06-17 128
188 Jayakrishnan R Variable Resistance treadmill for wheel chair Co-PI Centre for Disability studies ( a Unit under LBS Centre for Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram ) 2017-03-01-2019-03-01 1,20,000
189 Binu Thomas Development of Graphene based Silicone Rubber Composite for Tribological Applications Co-PI DRDO,New Delhi 2017-09-21-2020-09-20 35.50
190 Abi Varghese DE-TACH: Mid-rib of Coconut Leaves Separating Machine PI KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala 2019-01-22-2019-04-30 0.1
191 Binu Mathew Design and Implementation of a Prototype LiFi system emplyoing Visible Light Communication PI KSCSTE 2017-05-01-2018-12-01 3.63
192 Sherin Sam Jose Technology Business Incubator, (365.925) PI Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India 2016-06-01-2021-06-01 364.925
193 Abi Varghese LATINNO : Natural Rubber Collecting Backpack PI Ambedkar Social Innovation and Incubation Mission (ASIIM), under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India 2021-07-13-2023-07-13 30
194 Abubeker K M Safety Ensured Smart Vehicle PI KSCSTE 2017-11-27-2018-11-27 0.15
195 Nimmy Francis ELECTRO MOBILE PI KSCSTE 2021-10-29-2022-05-29 0.1
196 Dila John Mission Amrit Sarovar - JAL DHAROHAR SANRAKSHAN INTERNSHIP Co-PI AICTE 2022-07-01-2022-08-05 200000
197 Sherin Sam Jose BioNEST Technology Business Incubator (488.57 Lakhs) PI BIRAC, Govt of India 2020-09-28-2023-09-27 488.57
198 Jinson Paul Nutmeg Plucker Co-PI I2U 2019-09-19-2020-09-24 .7
199 Reeju Elisa Baby Self-Driving Car Using Optical Flow & Gridding System PI CERD 2020-01-01-2021-01-01 0.15
200 Dr. Shiju George Android based fully automated water conservation and management system PI KSCSTE 2021-12-10-2022-06-10 0.1
201 Dr. David K Daniel Effects of reusing glass fibre reinforced polymer waste on properties of mortars’ PI Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers 2022-11-24-2023-11-24 0.1
202 Dr. David K Daniel Extraction of PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acid from Algae PI Institution of Engineers 2022-11-16-2023-11-16 0.32
204 Nimmy Francis Electro Mobile PI AJCE,I2U 2021-12-01-2022-07-07 0.15
205 Dr. Aju Mathew George Biosorption of Chromium (Cr) and Copper (Cu) ions from aqueous on to novel biosorbents synthesized from algal and plant based biomass. PI CERD-RSM Scheme 2023-02-27-2025-02-28 1
206 Dr. Aju Mathew George Efficient Utilization of Green waste for the Synthesis and Fabrication of Electrodes for Energy Engineering Applications- Towards a Sustainable Green Circular Economy Co-PI CERD-RSM Scheme 2023-02-27-2025-02-27 1.68
207 Dr. Bino I Koshy Study of vehicle sound signature for characterization of heterogeneous traffic PI AICTE 2016-04-01-2018-03-31 10.00
208 Dr. Soney C George Developmnt of silicon rubber graphene nanocomposite for tribological applications PI DRDO 2017-09-21-2020-09-20 35.05
209 Dr. Soney C George Development of graphene based PVDF supercapacitors PI KTU 2019-03-28-2021-03-27 15
211 Abi Varghese LATINNO: Latex Collecting Backpack PI Kerala Startup Mission, Govt. of Kerala 2018-08-20-2019-09-30 2
212 Sherin Sam Jose One District One Idea Industrial Cluster Development Programme PI KDISC, Govt of Kerala 2022-02-25-2023-02-24 4.57
213 Sherin Sam Jose Science Ride PI Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India 2022-02-17-2023-02-16 34.65
214 Dr. Kumar S N Portable Embedded System for Stress measurement- An aid for Human Health Care PI CERD- APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2022-04-27-2023-04-27 0.1
215 Sreeja C IoT based Portable Bandsaw Mill- Ensuring Occupational Safety in Wood Industry PI KSCSTE 2022-02-01-2022-07-11 0.01
216 Dr. Sunnichan V George Microalga incorporated functional cassava pasta with health benefits PI Unnath Bharath Abhiyan 2022-04-01-2022-12-30 1
217 Dr. Asha Joseph Home automation project for ARBA dev PI ARBA Development Studio 2020-03-02-2020-05-30 0.35
218 Dr. Aju Mathew George Microbial Fuel Cell as a Green Approach for  Waste utilization and Efficient Bioelectricity Generation Co-PI I2U 2022-01-15-2022-08-01 0.03
219 Dr. Aju Mathew George Defluoridation of Water Using Novel Lowcost Biosorbent Developed from waste biomass PI I2U (Innovations and Ideas Unleashed 2020-01-01-2020-09-16 0.10
220 Dr. Vishnu M Microbial Oil from Wastewater PI CERD- APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2022-04-27-2023-05-27 0.26
221 Dr. Vishnu M Biodegradable Chitosan-Based Film for Food Packaging PI CERD- APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2022-04-27-2023-04-27 0.27
222 Abi Varghese Ergonomics Modification and Bio-Mechanical Analysis of Rubber Tapping Knife (Michie Golledge) for Improving Body Posture of Rubber Tapper PI CERD 2022: Student Project Scheme of KTU 2022-05-05-2022-12-31 0.425
223 Dr. Vishal John Mathai DST FIST Co-PI DST 2018-12-01-2023-12-01 15
224 Litty Joseph IoT Based Portable Bandsaw Mill – Ensuring Occupational Safety in Wood Industry Co-PI KERALA STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 2021-02-02-2021-08-20 0.1
225 George Sebastian Effect of cryogenic treatment on mechanical and tribological properties of components remanufactured using wire arc additive manufacturing PI CERD - APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2023-03-01-2026-03-31 100000
226 George Sebastian Assistive Tilting Mechanisms for Vertical Flow Pumps in Kuttanad Co-PI APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2023-03-24-2024-03-31 11000
227 Abubeker K M Internet of Things Enabled Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring and Smart Meter for Kerala Water Authority (KWA) and Municipal Water Services PI Startup mission 2022-12-01-2023-06-30 1
228 Dr. Aju Mathew George Adsorptive Removal of Arsenic From Water Using Chemically Treated Biosorbents: Evaluation of Equilibrium and Kinetic Parameters PI KTU CERD- Students Project Funding 2020-01-01-2021-07-07 0.23
229 Dr. J R Anoop Raj Development of Osmotic Dehydration Technology for the Preservation of Pineapple and Jackfruit PI Unnath Bharath Abhiyan 1970-01-01-1970-01-01 0.5
230 George Sebastian Automatic pill dispenser PI CeDS 2017-06-01-2018-06-01 0.25
231 George Sebastian Variable resistance treadmill for wheelchair PI CeDS 2017-06-01-2019-06-01 1.2
232 George Sebastian Quad Robo System for advanced inventory management PI KSCSTE 2019-01-23-2020-09-30 0.15
233 George Sebastian Design and fabrication of anti roll back system in wheel chair using ratchet and pawl mechanism PI CeDS 2017-06-01-2018-06-01 0.20
234 George Sebastian Portable knee therapy device PI CeDS 2017-06-01-2018-06-01 0.255
235 George Sebastian Flywheel kinetic energy storage and regenerative braking system on a bicycle PI KSCSTE 2017-01-01-2018-08-31 0.1
236 Dr. Soney C George Development of superhydrophobic Polyurethane based cloth for effective removal of Organic solvents and oils PI AICTE 2020-09-21-2023-09-20 16.86
237 Victor Jose AI based performance evaluation and fault detection of PV systems PI ANERT 2019-10-19-2020-11-30 3.46
238 Dr. Therese Yamuna Mahesh CICERONE-A Real Time Object and Path Detection for Visually Impaired People PI KTU-CERD 2022-12-19-2022-12-19 0.225
239 Arun S Non Isolated Three Port Converter with Single Stage Conversion for Standalone PV Applications PI (Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology)ANERT 2019-11-01-2020-11-30 0.637
240 Dr. Mini Mathew Water Treatment in Quarry using Vetiver system PI KSCSTE 2017-11-27-2018-11-27 0.05
241 Dr. Mini Mathew Enhancing the Thermal Insulation and Mechanical Properties in Concrete using EPS beads, granite slurry and glass powder PI KSCSTE 2017-11-30-2018-11-30 0.11
242 Sreeja C Hysteresis Compensation for the motion tracking of piezoclectric actuator in Nano- Positioning PI KTU 2022-06-01-2023-06-30 34500
243 Dr. Vishal John Mathai Study on application of Tapioca Starch Slime as a carrier medium for Abrasive Flow Finishing of EDM ed surfaces.. PI Research Seed Money (RSM) scheme of KTU 2021-09-02-2022-09-02 0.83
244 Dr. Vishnu M Adsorptive removal of trivalent and pentavalent arsenic from aqueous solution using Ilmenite rich sand. PI KTU-CERD-RSM 2021-09-02-2024-09-02 1.18
245 M V Varkey sanirail PI cerd 2018-06-01-2019-06-01 .22
246 Dr. Therese Yamuna Mahesh Pepper plant Disease Detection Based on Symptoms seen on the Leaf using YOLOv3 PI KSCSTE 2020-12-01-2021-07-01 0.10000
247 Midhun Joy Smart Agro-Incubator PI CERD 2020-02-01-2020-08-30 0.23
248 Dr. Mini Mathew Bio-composting of organic waste by fungi, biochar and Rambutan Peel PI KTU-CERD 2018-11-01-2022-12-14 0.75
249 Dr. Nimi Ann Vincent A study on Potential utilisation of MICP in stabilization weak soils and A preliminary investigation on stabilization of foreshore slopes by MICP PI KTU-CERD 2020-02-25-2023-02-02 0.32
250 Dr. Soney C George Graphene -PANI composite material for the development of supercapacitor Co-PI KTU 2018-03-25-2021-03-24 1.5
251 Dr. Asha Joseph HerdAI Co-PI AJCE-I2U 2022-04-01-2022-06-30 0.15
252 Dr. Asha Joseph Rhythmic- Music Recognition App Advisor AJCE-I2U 2023-05-01-2023-12-31 0.08
253 Dr. Asha Joseph AI based screening of images for beauty contest based on golden ratio Advisor AJCE-I2U 2023-05-01-2023-12-31 0.05
254 Dr. Asha Joseph E-Waste Management system Advisor AJCE-I2U 2023-05-01-2024-03-31 0.02
255 Darsana P Deep Learning based real time face mask detection and social distance monitoring PI KSCSTE 2021-11-01-2022-06-01 0.1
256 Dr. Yedhu Krishnan R Enzyme-Assisted extraction of polyphenols from Actinidia delicious fruit peel PI INNOVATION IDEAS UNLEASHED CONTEST I2U- 2022-2023 2023-05-09-2023-06-10 0.04
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